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Are your agency’s insured protected from marine pollution risks?

Interview With Marine Pollution Expert Justin Mongello

Justin Mongello is the President and CEO of Water Quality Insurance Syndicate (WQIS). It is the largest underwriter of pollution liability insurance for marinas and vessels in the United States.

What do agents need to educate clients about this type of coverage?
We find that the first and well-deserved pollution concern for marina and vessel operators is fire and property damage to customers’ boats under their care. In addition, they may have their vessels in the marina.

It can be an afterthought if they haven’t had a pollution incident yet, but a fuel spill can be a very significant exposure. Operators need to be able to respond quickly to keep the water clean. The key to handling any discharge is response time and getting somebody on the spot as soon as possible.

In our full interview, Justin discusses how agents can help their clients address marina and vessel pollution liability issues.

Do you want to be a “trusted insurance advisor” to your clients?

Trusted advisors have long term, stable books of business. Insureds see value in a consultative relationship especially when faced with difficult choices about coverage.  In this interview with industry veteran Joe Hatch, we discuss how focusing on workers compensation and pollution insurance makes you stand out from your competition and be seen as a trusted advisor for all lines of business.

Pollution For Auto Garages, Break and Tire centers, Oil Change Places, Auto Dealerships, Collision Centers, Car Washes

Let us help you write a pollution policy for auto garage exposures.  We have an exclusive program designed for auto garages and a proprietary rating system that makes the process quick and easy.  Interested in learning more write back to me as we have some limited openings for new agents in a select number of states.  Thank you!

Agriculture Pollution Insurance – Is Your Farm Client Missing Coverage For His Property?

When a farm applies fertilizers, pesticides, and manure to their land, they typically have pollution coverage if it runs off and contaminates a neighboring property. But, if runoff from these chemicals damages their own property, they are usually not covered. This is important because many farms have water wells, which can become contaminated. NAESIP offers this site coverage – it requires the farmer to follow his nutrient management plan. Learn more about agriculture pollution insurance

NAESIP Launches New Website for Environmental and Pollution Insurance

The new NAESIP website is designed to help insurance agents learn about, understand, and sell pollution insurance to environmental and non-environmental accounts. NAESIP makes it easy for insurance agents gather the information they need to do a submission and then takes care of processing it for you. We have a 60-70% binding rate. This product is an opportunity to retain existing clients and gain new ones.