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Public Entities Pollution

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Public Entities Pollution Insurance

Municipalities have significant exposures requiring pollution insurance just as commercial and industrial enterprises do. Lack of public entity pollution insurance can lead to significant financial liabilities.

Public entity environmental risks underground storage tanks, landfills, maintenance garages, storage facilities and more. Public Entity Premises Pollution Liability (PPL) covers pollution emanating from locations owned or leased by the public entity. These locations include: landfills, maintenance garages, hospitals, schools, offices, parks, golf courses and wastewater treatment plants.

Public Entity Contractors Pollution Liability covers pollution events conducted by or for the public entity. It provides coverage that most General Liability policies do not.  Typical operations that are covered by Public Entity Contractors Pollution Liability Insurance include: building maintenance, street and road maintenance, wastewater treatment, pesticide and herbicide spraying, sewer and water line maintenance and construction.

Public Entity Underground Storage Tank Insurance may also be needed for pollution damage from underground or above ground storage tanks.  

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