Why should you get pollution insurance from NAESIP instead of other wholesalers?

The most important thing to NAESIP is our relationship with our retail agents. NAESIP invests in our agent relationships to produce unique pollution insurance offerings to the marketplace that are better than what it currently available.
NAESIP also has direct relationships with the majority of our carriers. We focus on creating “exclusive” pollution insurance products such as master policies for certain industries instead of creating “exclusive” markets.
NAESIP writes for a large number of different groups that need pollution coverage. For example, we have an exclusive risk group in 11 states for clients that work in the auto service sector, including dealerships, body shops and car washes.
NAESIP responds to the needs of its agents. We are currently developing another pollution insurance product for home inspection companies in conjunction with a retail agent and his 1,000-member association client.
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