Sales Support for Pollution and Environmental Insurance

Whether you are renewing coverage or bidding for new business against an incumbent, pollution coverage gives you an edge because many agents do not understand this coverage.  Many typical contractor pollution liability policies exclude sites that are owned, rented, or occupied by the insured.  That means they do not have pollution coverage for materials stored in their yard or warehouse because CPL excludes it. The insured may also need EIL or PLL.

This is just one example of a pollution coverage gap. When you contact NAESIP, we review the account for you, identify the coverage needed, find the most competitive price, and help you land the account.

Identifying coverage that another agent missed is a sales opportunity when you go against an incumbent.

When you identify coverage gaps against an incumbent, you have an edge and you are not just competing on price – you are competing on competence!  When we review the existing or proposed coverage we are quoting, on average 7 out of 10 times we find something wrong! That’s how our agents become the broker of record.

Here's What We Provide NAESIP Agents to Increase Pollution Insurance Sales: