Marina Pollution Insurance

Many marina insurance policies exclude pollution coverage or may be very limited. Business owners may have problems with third parties dumping waste, leaking storage tanks, or fuel spills – leaving the marina owner responsible for its cleanup and potential fines. If the marina owner sells the business, a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment may find contamination that costs thousands to be cleaned up.

NAESIP A.M. Best "A" Rated Coverage includes:

• On-Site and Off Site Clean-up and Testing
• Bodily Injury and Property Damage to Third Parties
• Transit pollution – First and Third Party
• Automatic Above Ground Tank Coverage
• Underground Storage Tank (by separate application)
• Natural Resource Damages
• Contractors Pollution Liability
• Non-Owned Disposal Sites

Limits start at $1,000,000
Deductible $5,000

Broad language includes blanket:
• Additional Insured
• Additional Insured Completed Ops
• Primary & Non Contributory
• Waiver of Subrogation

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Marina Pollution Insurance