Brownfields Environmental Insurance Program

Contractors, consultants, owners and developers need environmental insurance coverage for their potential liabilities, including cleanup costs, due to their ownership or operation of contaminated sites.  Often these issues do not arise unless the site is developed. Under the right circumstances, we can provide substantially lower premiums than others can find in the insurance market. NAESIP’s Brownfields Program team can make deals and projects succeed with negotiated policy language that ensures the payment of legitimate claims.

        Environmental Liability Coverage Enhancements


Mark Manewitz is an environmental attorney with a national reputation and more than 30 of experience in many areas of environmental law.   Many of his clients over the years have been large companies and other lawyers who seek his advice on matters which require environmental counsel.

Susan Neuman who has a national reputation in Environmental Insurance will provide not only her skills as a premier Brownfield Insurance broker, but her counsel as an expert in insurance law and contracts to negotiate the terms of policies for NAESIP and its members.

In providing the legal services described above, Susan and Mark have helped many brokers to offer appropriate policies to their clients and ensure the success of deals. Clients appreciate the efficient management of issues and reasonable rates for legal work that are available to NAESIP brokers.

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Brownfields Environmental Insurance Program